Sunday, March 23, 2008

Long Time no See!'s been a while since I've been on here and a lot of stuff has happened...first off I got a job! I work (mostly) at the ImPress section of OfficeMax. It's a ton of fun and has been great so far. I went to another dance (girls choice this time) called preference. I took my friend Blake Bohacek and we had a blast. I also went on an FFA field trip to Logan, UT for state judging. I'm on the floriculture team and no one on my team knows anything! So it was great when we found out no one knew anything on any of the other teams either! So we ended up taking 6th gold in state. It was a fun and cold three days. Who knew cowboys could be so much fun? There was a dance that was hilarious, I learned how to swing dance and had a pack of interesting (creepy) boys from some small town following me. None of my friends would stand by me because they would follow me everywhere! It was fun..
So I think that's all so and work is great. Sorry I haven't written in a while!
Peace. Love. Gap.