Sunday, April 12, 2009


they will kill me because i put this on. it will be worth it.

lakey finding eggs!

we're besties. hence the necklaces. look close for them on the embarrassing one below.

jade uses her children as make shift shields.

family. like it or not.

the love of my life. . . track, not jade. although she is pretty high up there..

egg dying! so so fun!

track loves dying eggs. he got pretty into it.

my baby girl.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little This A Little That.

Well life has been go go go for me lately and I love it. AP exams and finals are in just a few weeks, so the stress level is high. It's also Senior Pictures time, so I've been getting my advertising campaign together and it has been nuts! I had 4 sessions last week and 3 more this week. My school is sponsoring me, so I can advertise there. It is insane! I started a new Seniors blog (, and that's been taking off. It's so fun. I love a fast paced life.

On the other side of things, I absolutely love having Matt, Jade and the kids living so close. They are my little safe haven. Track is constantly growing, and Laken turns 3 this month! They're so adorable.

Yesterday was insane photography wise, I had a session and then had to get those pics edited the same day so I could get them printed for advertisements for Monday - it was a nine hour work day and I was exhausted by the end. So I met up with Carlee at ten because she was babysitting. We were both starving. So we decided to stick to tradition and do a midnight Roberto's run. Roberto's is the most amazing place known to man. You can get a bean and cheese burrito, a drink (horchata of course), and a churro for $3.18. On top of that it's open 24 hrs. Could life get any better? So we went to Roberto's, got hit on by the usual creepy midnight Roberto goers, and then blasted music in the car, angering many drivers on the road with our (ok my) scary night time driving. It was a grand way to wrap up a crazy weekend!