Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i'm finishing up packing today.
i found my seminary journal from my freshman year.
as i was flipping through it, i came across this entry.
"Education - your key to opportunity. 

i think i love my fourteen year old self. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a summer of photobooth and oatmeal

after eating a delicious breakfast (plain oatmeal with some agave nectar and walnuts mixed in. mmmm.), i realized it was due time to post on the blog. 

i've been waiting for something awesome to happen to me so i could do the post of a life time.
but instead i will do a post of the times of my life. 

exhibit a:

photobooth entertains for hours
(what should we do - let's call people - yeah - or - photobooth? - that sounds better)

(love my babies)

exhibit b:
(drive - car explode - hold fm transmitter with toe - love andrew - get sick - leave the next morning)

exhibit b/c:
get wisdom teeth out
(be scared - get drugged - act crazy - swell up - get meds - act crazy - no pictures)

exhibit c:
provo with the fam
(shopping with kendall in SLC - play in provo with ahlin - shopping/pick up niki from airport in SLC - get attacked by waiter at CPK - niki not at airport - play in provo - go to SLC to get niki - play in provo)

(read more about this fun fun experience here at ahlin's blog)

exhibit d:
babysit the brutsch children
(so excited - heart melt - decide to not go to virginia and stay with lauren and the kids forever - realize it's too late - cry about it - love these children)

exhibit e: 
buy another guitar
(save money - buy guitar - realize i don't need another guitar i love my other one more - return new guitar - play all the time)

exhibit f:
baptisms at the temple
(to go temple with carlee - love it - go get ice cream after - look over at the drive thru - see three old women in motor wheelchairs ordering - die of happiness at such a site - document)

exhibit g:
(a lot)

exhibit h:
play scrabble
(more than we sleep)

exhibit i:
(go visit sara - easton running around like crazy in my shoes - crashing in my arms for an hour - bliss)

exhibit j:
(go get a check up - get told my eyes are worse - stronger prescription - dang - buy my own glasses - feel old for buying my own glasses)

exhibit k:
go to concerts - oh wait
(be excited for concerts - listen to their music non stop - end up not going to any of them - cry - listen to more music)

{but it's okay - mom said she has a feeling i'm going to get another chance to see brandi - i'm banking on that}

exhibit l:
(pack my room - cry - stop packing - find out my roommates - start packing - cry - go shopping - pack - laugh/cry - play with mom all day every day - repeat)

well. that should sum it up! i'll be going on a few more adventures in the next couple weeks - so expect another long nonsensical post soon!
(in the mean time - go here to check out what i'm listening to)

georgina florence