Saturday, October 30, 2010

camera phone.

just some pics of the last couple days captured on my phone.
so they're not the best quality.

scrabble. is what we love.
he beat me.
he's pretty happy.

walking home we found a pile of leaves.
obviously we had to document.

friday night pizza night!
it's becoming a tradition really.
i told brady i didn't think he could fit a whole piece in his mouth.
he said that kind of pressure doesn't work on him.
  sure brady..sure.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

i want to go back.

to d.c.

i have an unhealthy obsession
with the district.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

week in review.

 we spend a lot of time at the fields. mia's super happy about it. 

 one of my favorite trees. i can see it right outside my window.

 fall is here. lebo caught this awesome action.

 layton got a hair cut from chris. twas sad seeing those luscious locks go.
 i made brownies while i was waiting. i miss baking.

ta da!
(mia and i may or may not have gone in for some damage control the next day.)

friday night was another soccer game! this time it was an away game.
lynchburg here we come.
 mitchell told us we needed to stop at the next gas station.
i think he planned this.

 it may or may not have been freezing.

i'm slightly obsessed with soccer now. sitting for two hours in the sometimes freezing cold makes me ridiculously happy. seriously. i look forward to these games like none other. i'm going to be sad when the season's over.
i decided i'm definitely going to be a soccer mom. my children will play.
as david would say. . .there's a reason it's called the beautiful game.

we had a fun time eating at macado's (pronounced macadoo's we found out.) after the game. getting out of bv is the best. and mitchell's always good about finding us a car. what a sweetie.

life's grand. classes are going well, my job's great, and i have the best of friends.

love to all.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

tacky tack.

mia succumbed to the tacky virginia sweater too.

and once upon a time i almost convinced layton to get this.
wal mart is a wonderful place.
i told mia i'm probably going regret this tacky phase one day.
but that day. is not today.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


sometimes during the day, we all get on lebo's bed. or mia's bed. or my bed.
and we talk about our day, and homework, and love, and world peace, and food. mostly food.
and if we're really tired. we fall asleep.
today was one of those days.
our other roomie camille caught us.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

virginia is for lovers.

saturday is a special day.
it's the day we procrastinate cleaning and laze around!
no. . .we studied.

also. i made the most incredible purchase of my life.
ten dollars. wal mart.
i never want to take it off.

hope your weekend was tacky happy too!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i love to see the temple.

i love my life.
the school devotes a whole day to going to the temple. no classes, no work.
so my friends and i got in a car (at five in the morning) and took off.
layton. it was early.

brennan, our ever loving friend. two tickets and getting lost for a half hour, and he still kept his cool. we heart him.

lebo, brennan, me, layton

we may or may not have gotten lost in d.c. trying to find the temple. the gps took us to an abandoned, shut down visitor's center in the middle of the district. just in case you all (i typed y'all first. get me out of here. i kid.) wanted to know, the d.c. temple is not in d.c. it's in maryland.
but we got there just in time for the baptism session. it is SO gorgeous there. look.

after our temple session, we decided to go back to the district to do a little eating, shopping, and site seeing. so fun. i really like d.c. a lot.

lebo, mia, me, brennan
 all taking turns in front of the washington monument.

yes. this is julia child's kitchen. museum of history.

high five? cactus.

oh how we love chipotle.
lebo and ashley.

d.c. two times in two weeks.
i think we could be friends.