Saturday, October 9, 2010

i love to see the temple.

i love my life.
the school devotes a whole day to going to the temple. no classes, no work.
so my friends and i got in a car (at five in the morning) and took off.
layton. it was early.

brennan, our ever loving friend. two tickets and getting lost for a half hour, and he still kept his cool. we heart him.

lebo, brennan, me, layton

we may or may not have gotten lost in d.c. trying to find the temple. the gps took us to an abandoned, shut down visitor's center in the middle of the district. just in case you all (i typed y'all first. get me out of here. i kid.) wanted to know, the d.c. temple is not in d.c. it's in maryland.
but we got there just in time for the baptism session. it is SO gorgeous there. look.

after our temple session, we decided to go back to the district to do a little eating, shopping, and site seeing. so fun. i really like d.c. a lot.

lebo, mia, me, brennan
 all taking turns in front of the washington monument.

yes. this is julia child's kitchen. museum of history.

high five? cactus.

oh how we love chipotle.
lebo and ashley.

d.c. two times in two weeks.
i think we could be friends.


Emma Checketts said...

That sounds awesome! That temple is so pretty! I want to go to the Julia Child museum thingy.

Lauren said...

It is just so beautiful there! And it looks like you are having the time of your life. I so wish we could come visit!

Leslie said...

i love the DC temple! it's amazing. also, you look super cute!