Friday, May 29, 2009

New Logo!

I got a logo for my business! So exciting. All credit goes to Devin Miller. So what do you think? Thoughts? Feelings? I'm open for suggestions. 

Home Sweet Home.

A couple Sunday's ago, I was being bummed in church because my babies (the Woods) were gone. My mom told me she was sick of me being bummed and moping around all time. So she kicked me out of the house...well the state. She sent me to San Clemente to spend a couple days with my babies. Thankfully Jamie was ok with it, so I spent five blissful days at the beach. Today was my return date, but due to some difficulties I could not return home. So I get to spend another week here..yay!?... I miss my mommy. But I won't complain. Because the beach is near, I'm with my dad, and Jamie is a mere thirty minutes away. Here are a couple shots of us this week. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Hapnins.

So I thought it was about time I give a little update for all my readers....Mom.
Anyway, I have discovered, time doesn''t stop. No matter how hard you try or how nice you ask it, it just keeps a comin. I took my AP US History exam Friday, and am now studying for my AP Biology exam tomorrow. My life has been studying. When I'm not studying I'm taking pictures, editing pictures, or posting pictures. It's been a busy couple of weeks.
I am also suffering a baby loss. Jade ditched me for Canada, my little Wood children jammed over to Cali, and I was stuck childless. Who is going to laugh at my jokes, or go to the park with me? Well fate stepped in. At the same time my children left, my Young Womens got completely rearranged. One of the new leaders was Sara Stubbs, the wife of David's best friend. Who just so happens to have two gorgeous children. Needless to say, I see her on a dailly basis now. It doesn't hurt she lives on the street behind me either. Okay I am aware I probably sound like a creeper, but anyone who knows me knows that I have to have kids around me that I can pretend are mine. And pretty awesome friends AKA Sara. I'm rambling. This is what happens when the computer room is over 90 degrees hot. I start getting light headed and ramble.
To wrap things up, the next time I post will probably when school gets out, so I will see you all then. Here are some pics of Sara's fam, it was her birthday so we did a little fam photo shoot. Peace. Love. Gap.