Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so we have a friend who borrows my camera a lot.
someone asked her to take pictures for them, but she got scared and asked if i could help her.
i thought she meant help her take the pictures.
she thought i would help by being the subject.
one clarifying/convincing conversation later, we were out in BV taking pictures.
as you can imagine, we basically laughed and goofed around the whole time.
twas silly. but deserves a place in the thanksgiving break series.

mother. . .do yo like my new coat?

Monday, November 29, 2010


it was black friday.
we needed to get out of bv.
so i asked my friend to drop us off in lexington, a quaint town ten minutes away.
we had such a fun day.
i admit it was mostly window shopping, but we had some adventures along the way!

lexington had some great christmas decorations. they don't mess around.

probably one of the coolest bookstores ever.

layton finally got a haircut to fix the last haircut. so handsome.
before and after.

in one of the stores we were shopping at, the owner asked if we were going to light the town christmas tree.
what does that mean you might ask?
well every year, the townspeople gather at the stonewall jackson cemetery to kick off the christmas season.
everyone gets a book of christmas songs and a candle.
then you sing whilst walking down main street.
the party ends at a quaint park with a decorated tree planted right into the ground.
then the mayor comes and says a few words, ending with the lighting of the tree!
then everyone drinks hot chocolate and cider while singing more carols. so small town.
of course we had to do it.
love it.

town gathering together. loved all the bundled children.

it was so dang cold. and sushi sounded so dang good. and it was.

love to all.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

day of thanks.

we had thanksgiving at the may's apartment.
layton plays soccer with ben may, and we're all great friends!
it was nice to be in a home with a home cooked meal.
definitely missed being with the fam. a lot.
but i'm grateful for my friends here.
mary and ben may making dinner.
amelia and me.
layton and ben.

(don't worry mom. we went around the table and each said something we're grateful for.)

love to all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

vmi and greens.

i'm going to start to attempt to recap thanksgiving break.
in a series of installments with pictures and words.
so i will start from the very beginning.

tuesday we had a ball. a basketball.
at vmi.
we didn't lose too terribly, and it was nice to get away our first night of break!

amelia, me, layton

then we went to the food lion to retrieve some greenery for thanksgiving.
(and maybe a few oreos.)
i love salad.
and food lion.

thanksgiving post soon to come.
love to all.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

pea-coats picturebooths and potter .

thursday a group of twenty took the winding journey to lynchburg to experience the wonders of harry potter 7.
i was in that group.
the best part? the theatre was in a mall. and that mall had a forever 21.
and that forever 21 had the cutest coats ever.
and layton is good at picking out coats.
so i got one.
it will be featured in the near future.
also layton got to experience his first photobooth.

but aside from that. it was so fun to be with my friends! waiting for the movie was hilarious. we waited for about three hours, and the movie was grand.

we got home at 4:00 am and mia and i woke up two hours later for our bio class.
dna structure is way more interesting with two hours of sleep.

winter wonderland in the mall

mia made him pose in the jungle. waiting may or may not have been boring at times.

these boys.

are ridiculous.

creepin in the back. sfun.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

japan .

tuesday was one of those days you look back on and think
'how on earth did i survive that?'

but heavenly father always sends me little reminders that i'm not alone.

 layton came in the institute while i was studying for a bio test and told me the fam had his mission call.
right when he found out he was going to tokyo.

i'm so excited and happy for him.
watch out tokyo.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

everything i love.

such a fun weekend!
the whole pack went to dinner at macado's and then had a bonfire.
saturday night was movie night, and we went down to the school to watch inception.
love life.

mitchell, elizabeth, georgina, layton, amelia, ashley, andrew, brady

love my roomies.

matching virginia sweaters at movie night.

love to all.