Wednesday, May 26, 2010

let's stop time

i've been informed by several people that i am a bad blogger. i accept this - with one refute. i actually post on my other blog more than this one. but it's nothing important. just photo shoots from my ap portfolio, and music i like. you can check it if you want.

anyway. it is 5:19 AM right now. i cannot sleep. my crazy snister is in bed with me. and she can't sleep either. so she told me to blog. i am not fully functional right now, and by the time this is through, it will probably make close to little sense.

big things in my life right now? i don't know. i'm graduating today.
am i nervous? yes.
am i excited? yes.
am i going to trip while walking? is likely.

but that's ok! because right after grad, i get to spend 48 hours with my class on our grad trip! can you say disneyland, california adventure, and six flags?? me too.

after that lovely excursion, i will be thoroughly fried, and will probably sleep until i leave for college.
august 24th baybay (yes i am aware this is my best friends birthday. yes i am still crying about it. but there ain't no rest for the wicked).

and guess what. as we speak. . .well as i type, i am using the coolest graduation present of all time. my father loves me and knows EXACTLY what i need (besides the obvious TLC he so readily provides) . .
yes. that's right. a brandnew (i know that's not one word, but in my head i say it that fast)
macbook pro!! whoooooooo. i love it. and him. my father.

so i'm all set for college. just have to enjoy my last summer as free as a bird with my friends (mini agenda: pinto, california, oregon, provo. i'm working on seein most of the fam before i exile myself to the east coast!).

ok. i have to stop. this has turned into a ramble. love to my family. here are some senior pics, taken by the lovely jade.