Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Am Officially the Worst Blogger of All Time. And I Am Ok With It.

Hello fellow friends and family. As said in my title....through rigorous therapy I have come to terms with the fact that I am a horrible blogger. I was fully ok with this until my sister Ahlin decided to mention in her new blog that I am horible at blogging. This made me mad. She doesn't even understand! Once she gets over this new blogger high she will realize what a pain it is to keep it up. Plus...I don't think anyone even reads this. Despite that, I will now procede to cover the last 4 months in this one blog. Wish me luck.

First off, Ahlin moved. It was sad. I cried for weeks and didn't sleep in my own bed for quite a while. This is very embarassing, but since no one reads this, I do not fear of being discovered. I have no pictures as evidence of this tragedy. If I did, that would be weird.

Moving on. I had the honor of going to Trent and Brooke's wedding. It was amazing and beautiful and fun. I loved seeing all of my family. I tend to miss them, living so far away. To my great surprise my best best friend/cousin Savannah was visiting the same time I was! So naturally we had to spend the entire time together. This led to many a photo shoot which you will see in the pictures of us. We went to Sea World, the park, the wedding, the beach, a concert, and shopping (not in that order). I had so much fun. Especially because I got to spend two weeks with my daddy, whom I love.

I also quit my job. I forgot to add that. I was working insane hours, and I wouldn't be able to get time off to spend time with my dad. So i gracefully bowed out and went to California! So at the moment I am between jobs, but since I have such an in sane school schedule I am ok with that.

So I came back to St. George a free, somewhat tan, and happy girl. And then school started...dun dun dun. Just kidding. I am glad to have somewhat of a schedule back in my life. I went to a really fun flashback 50's party with my boyfriend Nate, so that was a great way to kick off the new school year. At the moment I am preparing for the Homecoming dance which is in two weeks on the 27th.

Anywhoo...well Ahlin came and stayed for a week or so and then went back up for fall session at the Y. So everyone but me went up with her. This led to me staying at my young womens presidents house for about a week. I have always been close with their family, so I had a lot of fun and we went out and took tons of pictures.

I was also in a little 'modesty fashion show' for the little girls at church. I was 'Miss Trendy' and 'Miss Education'. It was pretty entertaining. David also got some badges or something for Boy Scouts which was cool.

Well I think that's all that's really happened lately. I'll try and keep you posted. But no promises. Love to all!

Before the dinner

At the temple

Kenzie and me at the reception

Don't worry- even living a couple hundred miles away from each other we still managed to pick out and buy the EXACT same outfit without knowing it until the day of.

Smiles everyone.

Having fun at the park.

Sea World!

I heart the beach.

Anyone at this concert knows the significance of this man.

Aww taz.
Table my great grandma Georgina painted.

tough guys.

David loves me.

My little fashion show fans.

50's Dance gittup
I love St. George!

Hangin with the Wood family