Sunday, June 20, 2010

day for father's

i love days dedicated to the special people in my life!

i have the best dad in the world. i've had opportunity upon opportunity because of the love my father has for me. he is always there for me. if it's just a phone call, or a trip across the country.
we were talking yesterday about how much my life is about to change when i realized. because of my father, i'm going where i am. you usually can't pinpoint big decisions on one thing. usually it's a lot of little things. but no.
when my dad was a kid, his parents took him on a trip across the usa. and because of that trip. he took me all over the states as well when i was little. and because of those trips, when i was nine, i fell in love with virginia. and then he took me on another trip to virginia last summer. and i fell in love with the school i'm going to. as a direct result of my grandfathers influence on my dad, and my dad's influence on me, i have the incredible opportunity i have today.
okay. that was a rant. but it's incredible to me how blessed i am to have such inspired men in my life.
so here's to you papi. i love you more than words. thanks for everything, and happy father's day!

and i am eternally grateful for dave's influence in my life. he's such a great man, and is always there for a good laugh or great advice. i'm so blessed to have him in my life and home. he's such a great support to all of us. love ya dave!

and let me just say. i have the coolest grandpa on earth. i mean. come on. look at him. he's so sweet and i love him to no end. 

and let's not forget it's my snister's birthday today!! don't worry. she got her own post. click here to read it. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

time running

in less than nine weeks i will be departing. and it feels. weird.
in my drunken stupor of pain and pain pills. i have managed to fill out the majority of my final paperwork for college! yay? mixed feelings.

i don't know what to expect. with me, i can't really predict emotional reactions. will i get homesick? will i forget i have another home? will i binge and gain 100 pounds (as is the prediction of most the people in my current household. nice.) or will i become a health junkie and be in the next olympics? who knows.

what i do know is this. my room continues to get more and more bare, as boxes continue to accumulate along my now empty walls. i have less than nine weeks to say my goodbyes and be on the road (or in this case. in the air.) to my new home.

well. since i am so horrible at consistent posting, who knows. maybe the next post i write will be from my room in 'the lofts' on one university hill drive, buena vista, va.
just got an email from my admissions counselor with this little tidbit:

 It is very pretty here in Virginia. Temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to low 90’s thus far. We have our occasional passing thunderstorms and rain which is making the flowers beautiful. The best part is the fireflies are out every night.

buena vista, va

love to all!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i lost my wisdom.

i got them taken out today.
i may or may not have done some crazy things while on drugs that i don't remember, but my family is more than willing to share with me over and over.
thank goodness - i have yet to swell up. a little swelling - but not chipmunk status yet. hopefully it will stay that way.
i can't believe how lucky i am to have the family and friends i do.
david was ice police like no one's business. whether i was sleeping (which was most of the time) or sitting staring into the distance. every twenty minutes david was there to give me icepacks or take away old ones. i can't tell you how many times i heard him say today 'gina this is serious. 20 minutes on 20 off.' he even went to the store and got me a movie, and took care of all my messes. can you say husband material? he's incredible.

mom should get a medal. she sat there as i asked over and over 'mom am i a fatty?' she said i hugged her and told her i loved her every other minute, and would bust out laughing at random times when i was drugged.

honestly the only thing i remember is the nurse telling me over and over, georgina you need to open your eyes while you walk, as i laughed hysterically. i guess i was entertainment of the day for the office.
carlee came over at 4 and just barely left. that's eight hours of devotion i'll tell ya. she wouldn't eat in front of me because she felt bad i couldn't eat too. but i made her.

and dearest emily what can i say. i have the best of friends. she sat there a large portion of the day and night listening to me jabber about i'm pretty sure nonsense.

which reminds me...anyone who got an insane text from me. i'm sorry. i guess i sent a few of those out.

wow this is a long rant of nothing. i will probably delete this later. my whole screen is a blur. also. i'm on loritab. maybe i should have mentioned that earlier.
love to all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

oh my

it feels a little strange. i'm not going to lie. being graduated and all. i passed my old high school today and kinda squealed a little realizing i'll never be forced to go there at 8:15 am mon-fri august - may. death.

well i've been a little (a lot) sick this past week. which is no fun. i may or may not be watching sister act 2 on tv right now. it's a sad sight to see.

so here are some photos from grad. i'll post more from the grad trip later! thanks to my family who have supported me through it all. love!!

big day. lots of pics. love to all.