Thursday, June 17, 2010

time running

in less than nine weeks i will be departing. and it feels. weird.
in my drunken stupor of pain and pain pills. i have managed to fill out the majority of my final paperwork for college! yay? mixed feelings.

i don't know what to expect. with me, i can't really predict emotional reactions. will i get homesick? will i forget i have another home? will i binge and gain 100 pounds (as is the prediction of most the people in my current household. nice.) or will i become a health junkie and be in the next olympics? who knows.

what i do know is this. my room continues to get more and more bare, as boxes continue to accumulate along my now empty walls. i have less than nine weeks to say my goodbyes and be on the road (or in this case. in the air.) to my new home.

well. since i am so horrible at consistent posting, who knows. maybe the next post i write will be from my room in 'the lofts' on one university hill drive, buena vista, va.
just got an email from my admissions counselor with this little tidbit:

 It is very pretty here in Virginia. Temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to low 90’s thus far. We have our occasional passing thunderstorms and rain which is making the flowers beautiful. The best part is the fireflies are out every night.

buena vista, va

love to all!

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