Sunday, June 20, 2010

day for father's

i love days dedicated to the special people in my life!

i have the best dad in the world. i've had opportunity upon opportunity because of the love my father has for me. he is always there for me. if it's just a phone call, or a trip across the country.
we were talking yesterday about how much my life is about to change when i realized. because of my father, i'm going where i am. you usually can't pinpoint big decisions on one thing. usually it's a lot of little things. but no.
when my dad was a kid, his parents took him on a trip across the usa. and because of that trip. he took me all over the states as well when i was little. and because of those trips, when i was nine, i fell in love with virginia. and then he took me on another trip to virginia last summer. and i fell in love with the school i'm going to. as a direct result of my grandfathers influence on my dad, and my dad's influence on me, i have the incredible opportunity i have today.
okay. that was a rant. but it's incredible to me how blessed i am to have such inspired men in my life.
so here's to you papi. i love you more than words. thanks for everything, and happy father's day!

and i am eternally grateful for dave's influence in my life. he's such a great man, and is always there for a good laugh or great advice. i'm so blessed to have him in my life and home. he's such a great support to all of us. love ya dave!

and let me just say. i have the coolest grandpa on earth. i mean. come on. look at him. he's so sweet and i love him to no end. 

and let's not forget it's my snister's birthday today!! don't worry. she got her own post. click here to read it. 

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