Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i lost my wisdom.

i got them taken out today.
i may or may not have done some crazy things while on drugs that i don't remember, but my family is more than willing to share with me over and over.
thank goodness - i have yet to swell up. a little swelling - but not chipmunk status yet. hopefully it will stay that way.
i can't believe how lucky i am to have the family and friends i do.
david was ice police like no one's business. whether i was sleeping (which was most of the time) or sitting staring into the distance. every twenty minutes david was there to give me icepacks or take away old ones. i can't tell you how many times i heard him say today 'gina this is serious. 20 minutes on 20 off.' he even went to the store and got me a movie, and took care of all my messes. can you say husband material? he's incredible.

mom should get a medal. she sat there as i asked over and over 'mom am i a fatty?' she said i hugged her and told her i loved her every other minute, and would bust out laughing at random times when i was drugged.

honestly the only thing i remember is the nurse telling me over and over, georgina you need to open your eyes while you walk, as i laughed hysterically. i guess i was entertainment of the day for the office.
carlee came over at 4 and just barely left. that's eight hours of devotion i'll tell ya. she wouldn't eat in front of me because she felt bad i couldn't eat too. but i made her.

and dearest emily what can i say. i have the best of friends. she sat there a large portion of the day and night listening to me jabber about i'm pretty sure nonsense.

which reminds me...anyone who got an insane text from me. i'm sorry. i guess i sent a few of those out.

wow this is a long rant of nothing. i will probably delete this later. my whole screen is a blur. also. i'm on loritab. maybe i should have mentioned that earlier.
love to all.

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