Sunday, November 21, 2010

pea-coats picturebooths and potter .

thursday a group of twenty took the winding journey to lynchburg to experience the wonders of harry potter 7.
i was in that group.
the best part? the theatre was in a mall. and that mall had a forever 21.
and that forever 21 had the cutest coats ever.
and layton is good at picking out coats.
so i got one.
it will be featured in the near future.
also layton got to experience his first photobooth.

but aside from that. it was so fun to be with my friends! waiting for the movie was hilarious. we waited for about three hours, and the movie was grand.

we got home at 4:00 am and mia and i woke up two hours later for our bio class.
dna structure is way more interesting with two hours of sleep.

winter wonderland in the mall

mia made him pose in the jungle. waiting may or may not have been boring at times.

these boys.

are ridiculous.

creepin in the back. sfun.


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layton said...

Georgina gives me too much credit for the coat. Truth was she looked good in all of them she tried, so it made my job pretty easy :)