Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ode to Ahlin - My Best Friend and Sister

Seventeen years, eleven months, and two days ago, Ahlin Rochelle Griffith was born into this world. And even though she was the firstborn, and had an endless supply of love, she felt as though her life wasn't yet complete. Eighteen months and three days later this young girl was completed - for her baby sister (me) was born. Yes, I take pride in this heroic act, for a bond that could never be broken was formed that blessed winter day. But a responsibility comes with this, and that is the dreaded day I must see my beloved sister off into the real world in college. When we were young, I thought about this day, but shrugged it off knowing it was so far away. But time flies - and I must now face my worst fear- being a sisterless, bestfriendless, insidejokeless child. For my best friend is leaving me for BYU. Yes, this is an honorable school to say my sister belongs to, but it barely cushions the blow of not having a sister. Don't get me wrong - we have had our fights - but they always ended well. Yes, it may sound like she is dying, but you must understand - I have spent the last 16+ years of my life seeing this woman almost daily. When she went to Europe for a mere three weeks last summer I thought I was going to die from sheer boredom. And now, she is leaving me forever. It will never be the same. And although I do love David, he's not the first person I think to go to when a boy kisses me, or when I get kicked out of class. No, that person is leaving. And so this is my Ode to Ahlin - the best sister one could ask for. Here's to all the times I put sunscreen on your fair skin - and then aloe. Here's to all the times we followed hot guys at random theme parks. Here's to all the times we stayed up til two in the morning talking in bed. Here's to all the times you didn't get mad at me when I stole all the covers. Here's to all the times you listened to my stories. Here's to all the times you laughed at my jokes-even if they weren't funny. Here's to all the times I told you boys are stupid. Here's to all the times we laughed and cried. Here's to all the times you forgave me when I 'borrowed' your stuff. Here's to all the sessions of church we endured together. Here's to all the forts we made. Here's to all of the awkward conversations we've sat through. Here's to all the times. I will miss my best friend. Good luck Ahlin.


Graceful/Gracelynn said...

Cute pictures!!!! i love them!! are you excited for the twilight movie? i saw the trailer and edward is ugly!!! oh well, it should be good. sorry, i just thought of that when i saw edward on ahlins shirt!!!

Ahlin said...

i feel so spAcial!!!
i wuv you too;)