Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photography Competition

This year, I'm in the HOSA club at my school. It's a medical related club, which I'm really interested in. Our first State Competition is coming up in 2 weeks at the end of spring break. I get to participate in 2 competitions.

I'm really excited about the photography competition. What I have to do, is present to a panel of judges, 3 pictures I've taken and edited, of 3 different medical fields.

I've already taken pictures for the first profession, phlebotomy. There was a blood drive at my school, so it was a perfect opportunity. The hardest part is picking just 1 picture out of a whole batch.

This is where you come in. It would be amazing if I could get your opinions on which picture I should choose out of this first batch. It has to be something I could talk about and describe to the judges for 1 minute on how it is medically related.

The post of the pictures are on my photography blog ( the link is on the right of this page under SeizedWonders. The title of the post is Blood Drive at PVHS. Feel free to comment on that blog. Thank you so much. Your comments are much appreciated. I'll keep you updated on when my next batch of pictures show up!

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