Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's official. I have started a new phase. I found in my life, that if I put a lot of money towards a phase it will stick longer. My new phase is running. I am a horrible runner but that is soon to change. I decided that if I was going to stick to this, I would have to invest in it. And that is exactly what I did. May I introduce you to the Mizuno Wave Inspire 5. My new pair of running shoes. They rock my world. I went to the new running shoe store here in St. George, and let me tell ya, they don't mess around. I had to walk around for them so they could determine what kind of shoe would work best for my feet. Then I proceeded to try on 6 different shoes, a different style on each foot, run up and down the sidewalk outside, and see if I liked them or not. In the end, I picked these beauties. Now I'm addicted. I carry them around with me, make anyone near me smell their new shoe aroma, and have a special spot for them in my room. I'm obsessed..but I love it!


Lexi said...

Oh gina. I do love you. Im so happy that you finally got shoes that wont kill your feet haha. Good luck with the running! You can just run an extra mile for me so I dont have to myself..

ahlin said...


Arrington's said...

I don't know why Ahlin is laughing it's not like you go through phases a lot or anything?!?! She's just jealous because WE are going to Rock It!