Monday, December 13, 2010


it is the first monday i've been able to sleep in
and not go to my 7 a.m. biology class.

it is six thirty in the morning.
and i cannot go back to sleep.
dang my internal clock.
so i thought i'd do a quick post.
i'm not sure if i'll have time this week
or over the break.

this past weekend was great.
dinner, sushi, saturday's warriors, work, nutcracker, st, church, fiddler on the roof, talking with my family, chatting with emily, laughing with my roommates.

i didn't take any pictures.
too bad i can't transfer the snapshots in my mind onto my hard-drive.
this semester has been so great, and i've met such amazing people.
i'm so grateful for my roommates and our little gang, and so blessed to have met layton.
finals are going to be a bit stressful - but i am ready to attack them best i can.
then i can come home and be with my family!
love to all.



Emma Checketts said...

I'm so excited for you and Layton to come home!!!! Some times I wish I could put the pictures from my mind into the computer too :)

Leslie said...

i love "home". it's one of my current favorites. good choice!