Tuesday, March 13, 2012

emma owns me.

i'm so bad at it.
i accept that.
emma does not.
also, i never do these tags because they make my brain hurt.
so many questions.


i will do anything my emma asks me to.
and so.
here it is.
i hope you know, this is love, emma..this is love.

the rules.

1. post the rules
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. answer questions from original post
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. go to their social network site of preference and let them know you conned them into this


1. i tie my shoes tight. like really tight. they fall asleep often. i don't mind.
2. i don't own a hair brush. i just use picks. forever and always.
3. i have issues with checking out books from the library. i have to own them. 186 of them.
4. i work in a library.
5. my favourite chapstick is vanilla softlips. i carry it with me always.
6. my dreams are insane. and i don't tell people the majority of them. hard to believe, i know.
7. my snister is my soul mate forever and always.
8. cumquats are delicious.
9. i freaking love wrestling my friends and family. animal wrestling since birth. back me up, snister.
10. my mom is really really funny. she taught me humor.
11. i've always wished i could paint and draw. and yet. but i can read fast. so it's all good.

answers for emma.

1. my favourite food is legitrightonthebeachsideofcalifornia mexican.
2. my favourite tv show is pushing daisies.
3. i waste most of my time sleeping. or doing pointless things with my friends.
4. if i could make one wish it would be to possess inexhaustible empathy.
5. i am currently reading extremely loud and incredibly close by john safran foer
6. hearing loud jewelry is a pet peeve of mine.
7. i constantly crave my nieces and nephews.
8. my phone screen saver is my baby nephew.
9. the article of clothing i want super bad is the perfect tshirt (sorry mom).
10. i wish i could hug layt.
11. my favourite song is chiquita by abba. this is solely based on the memories it is attached to. pabo. you.

my questions.

1. hot or cold?
2. what is the most played song in your itunes? don't lie.
3. would you rather have no eyebrows, or no eyelashes?
4. what is your preferred method of lighting?
5. do you know origami? if not, you should learn.
6. what is your favourite word?
7. what makes you cry?
8. are you the type of person who has a lot of friends, or just keeps a few close?
9. do you like road trips with little to no purpose?
10. are you a bad driver? be real.
11. what is your favourite body part? don't be stupid. mine is my forearm.

i tag dainger, cause i like the way she writes. and also carlee/pabo cause i know she hates these things.

i love you.


Emma Checketts said...

yes i am extremely happy :D

ahlin said...

miss you. be my friend.