Wednesday, November 7, 2007


A couple of weeks ago the floriculture team took a little road trip to snow college for a contest against all of the Utah schools. We were just a group of oblivious girls that only knew how to make boutonnieres. So when it came to test time we all failed. But we had fun doing it! when it finally came down to making boutonnieres i ended up getting the highest score, and would have gotten a perfect 100 if i hadn't forgotten the dang pin. Oh well!

The Team
We love Nature
I think this is the Manti Temple?
This thing hold A LOT of wheat
I seriously thought this cow was going to plow through the gate and attack me. He apparently doesn't like getting his picture taken.
Aubree's didn't get that high of a score. but i thought it was cute.
We went to a ranch and this guy is my new hero. He was really neat.

Makayla's boutonniere didn't get that high of a score either. i think they didn't like us up at snow college.


Lauren said...

Dang, are one involved student!

Anonymous said...

Aubree!!! i miss you georgina florence!
Annie Nichole Platt

Hilary Duff/HSM Lover said...

Ok thanks gina! your so awesome! If your sure i will email them to you sometime when i have time! thanks!

Hilary Duff/HSM Lover said...

Gina!, If you could, could you click on the pictures on my blog that I've posted for you and do the title that way? cause the email isn't working right now! tell me if you can or not