Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Many Adventures of Gina and Aubree

during the summer we decided to go to denny's at some unspeakable hour...since my parents read this i will not say what hour that was. but it was fun!

aubree and i decided to collect as much change as possible during the summer because we were broke. I ended up collecting over 60 dollars in change in just a few weeks. I can't believe how much money you can find just that's just lying around!

when i was busy making the homecoming decorations, i got a little side tracked. i was put in the photo room to work, so there were a lot of props in there. so naturally we had to take pictures with them. the one with nate is the funniest.

WallMart put up their Halloween decorations and this was our favorite. he lifts his head off. but then an employee (who looked just like the guy we're hugging!) came over and got mad at us for taking a picture with it. so we ran away.

albertsons was having a killer sale on my FAVORITE cookies. so we took a pic with them!

we love glasses

i have a very good friend named Aubree. And everything we do i document with my handy dandy picture phone. so..i hope you enjoy our adventures!

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Hilary Duff/HSM Lover said...

ahhh it's not working! it's really cute though! ill keep trying! thankyou soooo much!