Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bodies and Shopping

I got to go to the Bodies Exhibition (the most incredible thing i've ever seen by the way). I was with my Mom and Nate. So afterward we went to the Fashion Mall so mom could do a "little" shopping. We ended up being there for 9 hours. And since Nate and I were both broke all we could do was goof off. So in this pic we pretended we were twins. some people actually believed us too!


gracie Platt said...

the 7th graders at my school went to that! they have one in st. george? i can't believe you were at the mall for 9 hours! that's crazy!

Gina G said...

it was in vegas actually. so it was a vegas mall not our little hall mall. i would die if i was in the st. george mall for 9 hours