Monday, December 24, 2007

My Birfday...Sweet Sixteen

Me and Aub
Natey and Me
The Woman who borned me
My Hope Chest
Me in the Hope Chest sweet sixteen was on a...Sunday. So I did all you could do on a Sunday. My daddy took me to breakfast and then I went to church. After church Niki made me yummy Gnocchi. While she was making it Nate snuck my present downstairs into my room. He made me a hope chest out of African Mahogany. It's way pretty. Then I ate dinner and opened my presents (cute clothes, lotions, movies, books..) then we had my angel food cake. After cake we watched Serendipity and we all went to bed! So all in all it was a pretty Sweet Sixteen!


The Arrington's said...

Oh my heck is it legal to get married and sixteen...because if you don't merry Nate i guess i'll have to and that would just be complicated. Anywho sounds like your day was good and well. We were thinking about you even the day before when we sang you happy birthday because matthew told me it was saturday even though i knew better. So never-the-less hope your day was wonderful Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hilary Duff/HSM Lover said...

Ohh fun!!! that hope chest is so cool! what'd you get for christmas? i got an ipod nano movie!(nano 3) i have so many music videos of hilary! happy belated b day! did your mom ever give jessie the letter?

Lauren said...

happy happy birfday gina dear...happy days will come to you all year...

love you! hope you had a good birthday and christmas!

kara :) said...

omg happy birthday! i miss you soooo much! how've you been?