Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jr. Prom

my group

putting on the boutinniere
niki fixing the boutinniere

they wanted us to look at eachother....cheesey

putting on my corsage

putting on my dress

sitting on the edge of the cliff. he scared the heck out of me.

the girls

that's the cave behind us

in the cave

So now that i'm officially 16 i went on my first official date. The day started out at 9 a.m. There was 6 of us and the boys picked us up and took us to the beautiful red rocks of st. george where we went spelunking. I think that's what it's called. we went into a cave 100 ft. under ground and played hide and go seek and ate lunch. Then we hiked Dixie rock. That was followed with board games at Skylers house. But of course the second i got there i fell asleep (i was sick). Then I met the fam at Neilsons custard shop and then went home. I then frantically tried on my unfinished dress so it could be hemmed, went and got my hair done, sped back home to see Ahlin and her date off, got my make up and nails done, and then waited for my dress. Everyone came and our dear friend Ellen frantically tried to finish the dress. i was so grateful for her! It was the dress of my dreams. Then after she was done we took what seemed like hundreds of pictures and we were off to take more pictures at the dance. We ate then went to the dance. it was a great night!


gracie Platt said...

way pretty dress! i love your hair too! whoa! your officially a laurel!

Lauren said...

daaaaAAAAAANG Gina! You are BEAUTIFUL! I love you dress, your, stunning! Love you, and see you this weekend?

Larsen Family said...

I am so excited to see that you have a blog! Happy Birthday! it looks like you had a blast...You are so fun. Tell everyone hi for me. And your photography is awesome.