Monday, January 14, 2008

My Sweet Sixteen Continued...another long one, sorry!

We had a family friend do the photography for the party. She took 400 pics! so i randomly selected some. Hope you like them!

The baby

event of the night. it was so loud! everyone was screaming and laughing. it was pretty fun.

My momma

Me and Braden

Me and Butch

Kendall and Niki doing DDR we had set up outside

Yes, I can be a multi tasker.

Making me laugh while i'm eating.

my twin for the night...a total accident

my sista's

everyone says i look like aunt you see it?

micci loves it when i hug her...can't you tell?

Getting ready for everyone to come

the bouncers

the party animals alyse and heidi

Nate being Nate

So mine and Nate's birthday are a little over a week apart, so we decided instead of doing two parties, we'd combine and do one huge one. So Friday night was full of friends, family and a lot of partying. All of my mom's daughters, daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law's sister came down for the big weekend (party and prom in the same weekend!). So it was more than a blast with all of the fam.

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Blake Griffith: Narcissist, etc. said...

Oh my gosh! I just can't believe how old you are now! Before I know it you're going to be in college, too (hopefully I'll be done by then).

You are just turning into the cutest little woman. Its stuff like this that makes me wish we lived closer together. :(

It looks like you had the best 16 that you could ask for!

I love you! muah!