Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok...So I Procrastinated...

So many things have happened in the last month!! Of course I took pictures of them all, leading me to put off writing this ginormous post. I'll try to keep it short though. It starts from the most recent and goes backward. OK, here we go....

face masks with carlee!!
winter in stg

i hold many children at once. its an art.
so cute! ethan and heidi came and visited!

they're besties

laken loved her christmas eve pj's..
a lot...
baby Track with grandpa

laken didn't like her dollies getting their pictures taken

besties on my birthday! (we went to get my ears pierced but they were closed)

birthday time. carlee and kadee woke me up early (in their own mission impossible way) and took me to breakfast! love em

my baby
i love aubs

my baby ezra
he came to me and begged me to put ahlin's old dress up butterfly wings on him. what can ya say? the kid loves bugs!

family pics


Arringtoness said...

loved Laken's pajama sequence so presh. Your also presh and all your pictures are presh and pretty much i'm thinking of more reasons to use the word presh because it's fun to write and I like saying it in my head...

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

You take great pictures, how cute. This is Kassidi btw, Jade's cousin that you met a couple of weekends ago! We have a blog too (but it's private), so send me your email address and I'll add you!