Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Living.

Yes. The rumors are true. I did, in fact, win, the 'Worst Blogger of the Year' award. So, in order to correct this title, I have decided to start blogging again. So in no particular order, here are a few (ok many) pics of the last three months of my life.

I've worked A LOT on my AP Photography portfolio. Here's a little sample.

Laken did a cheer clinic at the school and she was a little cutie pie of course!

I took my chillins out a couple times. I don't see them so much anymore cause I'm so busy, but I love the occasional trip to the park!

Homecoming week was so fun. I went with a good friend, Taylor. Carlee and I were in the Homecoming parade. I'm on the HOSA council and Carlee was on Homecoming royalty (and won Homecoming Queen! Fun times)

Carlee and I took a weekend trip to Provo and got to stay with Niki. Love my sisters

We also went to a little family get together in Pinto (out in Pine Valley) for a couple days.

I got to take some fun family pics for some of my favorite people!

We through a masquerade party which was such a blast!

Well that wraps up the past couple months of my life. I'll try and post more often! Life's crazy! Love to all.

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ahlin said...

i luff your blog. i luff you. i see you in a week and a half. we go to cali. we eat lots and git fat. we drive daddy-o's car. yeeeeeah. loves.