Friday, December 4, 2009

All I Want For Christmas.

Ah... the joys of Christmas. The biting cold air, the smell of pine, the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, and...wish lists. I am, as you may know, quite the wisher. All year I wish for things. Not in the covetous sort of way, but in the wishful thinking, goal setting sort of way. So Christmas/my birthday time is my favorite time of year, because I can make a ridiculous wish list, and no one can tell me I'm insane because all they really are are wishes. Usually, every year, I pick one or two insano things to wish for, that I usually never get, which is to be expected. I don't really expect my parents to get me an Audi TT or a mansion. Anywho... so this year, I have decided on my two large wishes.

Behold: The Sector 9 Mainland. I've always dreamed of having a Sector 9 board, and now the dream is returning. There is a little town in Virginia called Buena Vista that I hope to live in someday soon. And the thought of riding this beauty around the lazy streets just gives me fuzzy feelings.

Up next: A telecoustic guitar. Something of this nature. Either this or...

A black and red acoustic guitar. I go crazy over black and red guitars. And I have decided to pick up the skill. I know it is tough, but it would be a fun side project.

Well. Those are my wishes. And if wishes were fishes...i don't really know how the rest of that goes. But happy holidays! I hope you are all enjoying time to be together and remember the reason for the season! love to all.

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ahlin said...

yeah.... probably not going to be getting either of those for you. but good luck on your endeavors.