Thursday, February 25, 2010

.snap shot.

last night, i gave a quick update of what college is lookin like for me, but i thought i'd give you a little snap shot of life! it's been quite a while.

first off. my friend carlee and i adopted three fish over the summer. in october we thought it necessary to buy a water frog. her name was alma. she was perfect. we loved her. we fed her. we read her stories.
three days later...death.
it was traumatic.
we buried her at the park up the road.

last month, our first fish, pabo, decided it was her time too. i may or may not have cried. we buried her alongside alma.

on a happier and my birthday were so fun. i absolutely loved having my whole family here. especially dad. it was so great to see him for so long over the break.

love my new fish eye camera. and niki. love of my life.

chillin with my bestie. love family.
remember that post i did about the two things i wanted for christmas? well... the morning of my {18th!} birthday, dad fed me breakfast, and then took me to... Murdocks Music Store!! it was their last day of being open, so they were having killer deals. dad got me ...

a black telecoustic ibanez guitar!! happiness beyond words. let me tell you. three months later, and i'm still playing it every day. the next week i found a guitar teacher (he comes to my house once a week! it's awesome). last week i learned how to play barre chords. i can now officially say i can play the guitar, and read sheet music. (but nothing close to how my big brothers, trent and blake, can play. they're awesome :) i love having something to take my mind off of hectic life. mother corners me all the time and makes me play for her while she does taxes. love that woman.

And with all that birthday money my loving family sent me?? i bought the longboard of my dreams: the sector 9 mainland. it's sweet. it's possible that i have inflicted serious injuries on myself, and others because of it. worth it.

it's been freezing here! the other day i went out to my car, and had some sweet ice designs from the cold night before. i documented.

last month was prom. my friend josh asked me and it was super super fun. we went sledding and hot tubbing at my friends cabin in brian head. pure bliss.
that night, when he picked me up, dad was there!! so cool to have him see me off to a dance. a dream i've always had, come true.

those are just a few of the happnins out here.
i've been working like crazy on my portfolio, and have a blog dedicated to it, if you want to check it out.
my deadline is coming up! gotta keep bustin it out.

love to all.

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ahlin said...

i like the new set up. and the pictures of us. even though i look diseased. that's cool though.