Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dang. A lot has happened. Where to begin.

I applied for the college of my choice in November:
Southern Virginia University.

I applied for their main scholarship:
the annually renewable 15,000 dollar Marriott Scholarship, awarded to a few students

I crossed my fingers.

Over Christmas break I got a phone call from my admissions counselor, Chrystal Pate, congratulating me on being one of the first accepted to Southern Virginia University.
I just about died of happiness.

So I started getting on other scholarships.
I applied for Visual Art Sterling Scholar for my school. It was pretty random. I walked into my English teachers room, and she handed me a packet and said, I want you to do this. Fill it out. Write me an essay. Get it back to me in an hour.
She scares me at times. So I did what she said.
A month later, I get called down to the lecture hall along with dozens of others who applied for Sterling Scholar and was handed a letter. All the Visual Art applicants (there were 6 of us) decided to open our letters at the same time. After ripping it open, I discovered I had won Art Sterling Scholar for my school.
Meaning, I get my picture up in the hall until the school is burned to the ground, I get a couple hundred dollars, and get to advance to region. Which is next week.

All I need now is that Marriott Scholarship.
Tonight was our last basketball game. After the game, I looked at my phone and saw I had one missed call. Virginia number. I listened to the message. Dean of Admissions with an after hours number. I crossed my fingers and dialed.
He wanted to be the first to congratulate me to being awarded the Marriott Scholarship. I'm thanking the heavens every second.

Three months til graduation. I still can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was in the Fallbrook house singing with Lauren and Niki and Ahlin.

So much is happening. But those are the highlights on my future! I love my family. Love love.

heres a little taste of the four seasons in buena vista, va!


Haley said...

Oh my goodness Gina. Congrats!! That is AMAZING. I can't wait to see what else your future entails!


The Pates said...

Hey Gina! I wish I could have been the first to Congratulate you... I'm so happy for you! You are amazing and I'm so happy to be your Admissions Counselor!