Sunday, January 16, 2011

la fin de semana.

friday we just hung out at mitchell's. 
made brownies. did dishes. played games. climbed into freezers. dressed like gangsters.
the usual.

saturday we celebrated mia's day of birth.
we went to lexington for sushi.
then we hit the food lion and got supplies to make dessert sushi.
andrew, brandon, denny, ashley, mitchell, amelia, ryan, georgina

sushi dessert table.

the boys taking turns showing off their magic tricks.

a fun weekend.
miss my loved ones.
excited to start a new week.


Anonymous said...

hi. so i had this dream last night that i moved back to dc to go to school and seriously my first thought (once i was there) was "well now i can visit gina!"

true story.

ahlin said...

sarah is telling the truth. she told me about that dream the other day.
dessert sushi..... thank you gg.
um. call me?

Elle and Jared said...

Your blog is a nostalgia trip for me. I love it.