Friday, January 21, 2011

mi amor.

random facts and things i love about layton:
-he has an unparalleled appreciation for music 
-because of a scar, nothing grows in a spot under his chin - it's awesome
-he loves to be outdoors, and enjoys whatever weather God provides
-he is willing to read any book i throw at him (not literally)
-the song "close to you" by the carpenters was written for him (literally)
-little kids are attracted to layton like a hummingbird on nectar
-anything he wears - he pulls off (fashion wise, not physically)
-he is an incredible listener
-without even knowing it, layton says the funniest jokes
-he has an incredible taste in food (pun definitely intended)
-God made the softest hair in the universe, and then put in on layton's head
-layton laughs at my jokes (today i asked a patron at the library if being called a patron felt patronizing... he didn't think it was funny. layton would have laughed.)
-i have never met someone so keen on making sure all of my needs are met - i have never gone hungry or lacked sleep while under layton's care
-layton goes along with all my whims, even if they're ridiculous
-when people meet layton, they never forget him
-layton supported (and maybe even encouraged) my sweater phase - if that's not love i don't know what is
-watching layton watch modern family, is more fun than watching the show itself
-layton's real laugh always makes me smile, no matter my mood
-he never says anything negative about anyone else
-layton makes everyone feel loved

now: photos

love his family

so grateful to have layton in my life.
happy birthday!



Emma Checketts said...

AHHH! Love it! You'd better wait for him or I'll be so sad ;(. That picture of me and Olivia with you guys is so bad! AHHHH!! :)

C. Jane said...

And not too shabby with the looks...

(you have me crying. I second Emma, let's have you around for a loooong time.)

Leslie said...

this is such a darling post! in fact, i think i love it!.

yes, gina, i remember when we were in love. you should come back so we can rekindle that.