Sunday, February 6, 2011


i've been back home one week.
and it feels like months.
while i was away, mitchell signed us up to audition for 'svu idol'.
so wednesday we showed up on our way to dinner with very low expectations.
but we were surprised with a 'golden ticket' to perform friday night.
friday night rolled around and i was scared out of my mind.

i hate getting up in front of people.
we were last to perform out of fifteen people. last.
two hours of agony sitting listening to other people, while my palms sweat out an entire lake.
(maybe it was a good thing layt wasn't there...embarrassing clammy hands)

finally we were up. we played a song we wrote.
everyone went crazy after. i am slightly under the impression it was more out of happiness that the show was finally over rather than our performance was good. but hey. i'll take it.
the judges gave us some positive feedback and then deliberated.
we were all up on stage to see what five performances would go on the the next round saturday night.
they called them out in order of appearance. when it came down to the last one, it would either be us, or the girl who sang right before us.
let me tell you - she was awesome. so we figured we lost, and before they even announced it we started talking about where we were going to eat saturday night.

but guess what. it was our names they called.
shock. we were in shock. we got off the stage and our friends attacked us.
it was such a rush. so awesome.
the only problem was. we didn't have any other songs, because we didn't think we'd make it to the next round.

so we spent all night and most of the next day trying to throw something together.
we were a little tired and rushed, so i didn't think we could pull it off.
we went to sushi, showed up for sound check, and then performed.
we didn't do our best - but we got it out.
it was so scary and fun.
we didn't win, but we got an honorable mention. wooo!
people keep asking when we're going to record.
so we'll see about that..

anyway. love the support from all my friends and
here are some pictures. sorry about all the writing.
i should keep up better on here.
practicing before the show.

after getting through the first round. i think they were more excited than we were! so fun.

trying to write a song in one night.
someone surprised us and decorated my door before the second show. so sweet.
second night performance.

so exhausted. you can tell.

love good friends.

playing in the hall after the show.
people started filtering in after a while.
it was cool.

sorry. huge post.
i love music.
i love my family.
my friends.
everyone who puts up with me on a daily basis.
so humbled by all the great love that is shown to me.



Anonymous said...

i really like that black and white picture of you two performing. very cool. congrats!

layton said...

can someone tell ashley she is holding her sign upside down? :)

Emma Checketts said...

that's so cool! You look so pretty!!! I miss you! :)
ps I agree with laytons comment haha

Elle and Jared said...

you go, gina. you go.