Wednesday, February 9, 2011

love is all you need.

so mitchell and i decided to start a little band.
the dates are all messed up on it.
but you can check it out.
we'll see how long this lasts...

on an even better note - i got to have tea with layton the other day!
sort of...

don't worry. my roommates already got making fun of us covered.

i'm a fan of the month of love.
i love family.
i love the gospel.
i love layton.
i love virginia.
i love books.
i love music.
i love chocolate.
i love friends.
i love sweaters.
i love hair.
i love tea.
i love the scriptures.
i love beds.
i love blankets.
i love denim.
i love orcas..kidding.
i love scrabble.
i love art.
i love giotto.
i love cafe rio.
i love exercise. 
i love soccer.
i love toms.
i love tokyo.
i love svu.
i love sushi.
i love kids.
i love showers.
i love trees.
i love love.


1 comment:

Rodriguez's said...

David and I have listened to your performance so many times. You and Mitchell sound amazing! What fun talents you have my maja
p.s. Layton we are missing you!