Monday, March 14, 2011



Rodriguez's said...

My favorite!

Gina said...

So this is how small the world is. Im watching a Vlog on C.Janes blog where she did with her sister, Page (wait for it) Checketts. I thought nothing of it as I was on another website and just listening to the vlog until she said that her sister just sent her eldest song on a mission to Tokyo... and it clicked. Laytons mom is Page...? Right? And Pages sister is C.Jane and therefore her sister is also Stephanie (NieNie) Nielson which meants Layton is related to NieNie.

Now if there is another Checketts family in Utah who sent their son on a mission to Tokyo recently that would be crazy but its even crazier if its the same family.

(Sidenote: Im a big blogger, like big, and have been reading NieNie for years.. so this kind of made my friday. The mormon community is so small!)