Wednesday, March 23, 2011

unspoken rules.

there are three things we do not joke about in our room:
1. pretending someone has mail when they really don't
2. whose turn it is to clean the bathroom
3. me missing layton

there are a billion things we do joke about:
1. hiding behind doors and scaring each other
2. doing creepy house bunny voices
3. saying "code" before any sentence (ex. code i really don't want to do laundry today)
4. that fact that mia does a cute hiccup before she does a man burp
5. ashley's texan accent getting stronger every time she comes back from visiting home
6. the fact that i am not able to take a shower under twenty minutes
7. mia's reggae obsession
8. that i look like i need to use the restroom when i play guitar
9. the kid at the library who always comes up to get candy from the jar and then stands and stares at me silently for ten minutes

i love my roommates.


Emma Checketts said...

I love it :) I dont take showers under 20 minutes also... same with Clark.

Mia said...

I love this :)

ahlin said...

#lovethis #loveyou #thanksfortalkingtometheotherday

Arrington's said...

I want to live at your house..