Monday, November 17, 2008

My Newly Learned Virtue

Well I am almost healed. There remain a few sores still, and there is still a hint of viral pneumonia (when I cough), but other than that I am healed! I can eat anything now that's not acidic. So I'm thinking to myself, there has to be some greater meaning to all of this. A reason for it, ya know? So I've been trying to see what I learned. And I immediately came up with patience. With a viral infection (in my mouth and chest), my prescription was to wait it out as said in my previous post. Well it wasn't the easiest thing to wait out. I've never felt pain like that in my entire life. I wouldn't wish that illness on my greatest enemy. So day by day I had to sit on the couch and let it get worse, and then s l o w l y get better. But I am grateful the worst of it is over. Now I get to sit at home and just gather strength back. I hope the patience I had to have with this will carry over into my daily life so I can get something good out of this. Well I thought I would share this with you readers out there...aka Ahlin. Okay. LOVES!

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