Thursday, November 13, 2008

Riddle for the Day

What do you get when you cross raw hamburger meat and an open wound?.... MY MOUTH!

Gross, i know. But let me paint you a not so pretty picture...About two weeks ago I had a little fever. It lasted a week and then decided to turn into strep throat. So after a painful couple of days I finally got an antibiotic , the lovely Amoxicillin. So the drug cured my sore throat but then a funny thing happened. The next day I had a blister in my mouth. I said well thats odd and went and showed my beloved mother. She said uh oh that doesn't look so good and I said you're right. I turned and looked in the mirror and my lips were huge and my cheeks were even chubbier then they already are! So i took some benadryl and said it'll go away. So to my surprise the next morning my tongue was so swollen I could barely talk and my blisters had doubled PLUS I had a ridiculous cough. So mother threw me in the car and rushed me to instacare (its like the emergency room and doctors office combined). There I sat in almost unbearable pain in a hard chair for a pleasant 2 HOURS! Then I sat in the little doctors room for another hour and a half while the doctor mosied in and out making me to various blood tests and asking me ridiculous questions. He finally came to the conclusion that he didn't know what it was and he'd give me a bunch of pills to ease the pain and let it 'take its course'. I had like 4 different meds to take and none of them worked. (except the inhaler which helped me breathe). ANYWAY. . .turns out i had an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. Well two days later, I wasnt lookin any better. in fact, I was worse. So I went to ANOTHER doctor to see if he could do anything. Well surprise surprise..he couldn't. He informed me I was just an unlucky girl and prescribed me some more pain pills. I was in so much pain I begged my mom to take me to the hospital and have them put me out. Imagine having a coldsore/blister on your lip or something. Ouch right. Now imagine hundreds of them on your tounge, cheekes, and going down your throat, making it near impossible to eat or drink anything. Everything burns like acid. Even water. Gross I know. So since I can't eat, I'm losing weight at a scary rate. Turned out, on top of the mouth thing, I also have 'viral pnemonia' whatever that is. So I did get some meds for that. So now I just have to 'wait it out'. He said it takes up to two weeks. Shoot me now. Who I feel so bad for is my mom though. She hasn't had a good nights rest in weeks. Not only because of me, but dear David has shingles and I had a little nephew born here on Friday. She looks pretty scary and I take all the blame. Last night I was up coughing and had the chills for hours and she held me the whole night and didn't sleep a wink. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Wow. This has been a very pathetic post. I'm not looking for pity, no no. I just have been sitting here for days on end and am bored out of my mind and needed to vent to someone because it's been a crazy week! So to all of you who have a normal mouth, I envy you. Ok, I should probably stop venting now. I'm starting to sound crazy. I'm blaming it all on the meds. The side effects include hallucinations, mood swings, diziness and drowsiness. So I probably won't even remember doing this post. Well, see ya later.

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Graceful/Gracelynn said...

Hey Gina!! I totally didn't even know that you still uploaded things on your blog! woot woot for you! How's life?