Wednesday, August 18, 2010


so at some point during the last school year, i entered a few of my photography pieces into the shakespearean festival art competition. a while later, i found out all three pieces got in. i thought it was pretty cool - but i'm going to be gone by the time the show starts, up in cedar. but teacher sent me this:

this is the ad for the show. they send it to all utah schools. and that. is my photo.
crazy huh?? i'm pretty much flattered.

this is the original:


i move in five days!
love to all.


Lauren said...

That is so awesome!!! And creative.

Way to go.

It was fun seeing you over the weekend. Best of luck moving! You will be great, you East Coaster, you.


Larsen Family said...

You inspire me:) I love photography and when you see things, and can imagine all the colors and shadows and then capture that with your camera, you really have talent.
Have fun this year and remember to nurture the talent that God has given you.