Saturday, August 28, 2010

y'all is inching into my vocabulary.

roomies. mia and ashley.

we won the game!

concert in the park downtown.

harriet the spider. she lives right outside the window. she's huge. just a little scary.


Arrington's said...

I feel like I don't even know you WTF!!!!! Everything has change. I'm going to go back to St G and fall into a deep depression.... Hope all is well I would love love to talk to you....miss you lovely

PS. It looks amazing!!!

Aunt Amy said...

Wow, a spider like Charlotte's Web? Too bad there's no Wilbur.

She is a bit frightful looking; youll have to see if you can find out what her species is. What is she attached to? Is that the end of a rope? Think how that must feel!!!

Glad you're having fun. Love you.

Aunt Amy

The Pates said...

Hey! The concert... It's my Hubby in the Yellow! :)