Sunday, August 1, 2010

i am kayak hear me roar.

in no particular order. here are the last two weeks of my life. 

well last week i was in california with david. we played. a lot.

zoo? yes please.

(can we not talk about how big he's getting. but he still lets me hug him and hang on him wherever we go. he's my baby bro.)
oh david. how you later regretted this.

but what's a zoosperience without some facepaint?

we love the fish eye cam.

i think we spent more time playing on fake animals than we did looking at the real ones.

oh yes. we did convince dad to get a fake stache. life of the party.

eight hours at the zoo equals this photo.

kayaking? why not.
sharks. seals. fish. birds. caves.

i am kayak hear me roar.

david made it safely in.
so so so fun.

family time.
dinner and concert in the park.
i LOVE my family.


my nightmare.
two weeks ago:

after weeks of doubt and fear. yes. it all fit. perfectly.
my stuff is now on it's journey to virginia. good luck.

sorry for the long post!
pictures are way more fun to look at though.
love to all.

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ahlin said...

those zoo trip pics pretty much made my life. and you got to go kayaking?! so cool.