Monday, September 20, 2010

at its summit.

every monday and wednesday i leave my art history class in complete awe.
the first day i walked in my professor said - "in art, nothing is new. except electricity."
and everyday i see that more and more.
what i love most of all, is the fact that before written history. before man could write what they were thinking. they felt the need to express themselves through art.
and you still see that. babies bobbing to music. kids coloring nonsense on every surface.
we've been writing on the walls since the beginning.

here are just a few of my favorite pieces so far.
Hall of Bulls
Lascaux, France
15,000 − 13,000 BCE

Statuettes of Worshipers
Square Temple, Eshnunna (now Tell Asmar), Iraq
2700 BCE
Ancient Near East
(by far the coolest thing i've learned about. these votives would be used by the Sumerian's in temples. they would fashion them after their own likeness, and leave them in the temple, to represent their spirits while they were off living and working. i love being able to attach feelings and needs to these ancient people. so neat.)

Head of an Akkadian ruler
Nineveh (now Kuyunjik), Iraq
2250 − 2200 BCE
Ancient Near East

Lamassu for Sargon II
Dur Sharrukin (now Khorsabad), Iraq
720 − 705 BCE
Ancient Near East

more to come for sure.
my professor is incredible, and spent the last winter season in paris working on a project.
the project? carrying out cy twombly's design for the ceiling of the Salle de Bronzes.
in the Louvre.
my favorite thing she's said to us so far:

"Art is not immune to politics. Just because it's in your textbook, doesn't make it safe."

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