Wednesday, September 15, 2010

stillness is the move.

pretty much been having so much fun here, and documenting none of it.
 i just keep stealing mia's pictures.
so layton and i decided to go up to my {now} favorite place in buena vista to play some tunes.
and take a few pics. 
i dusted off the good ole camera - and it was so gorgeous out.
not surprising. it's always beautiful here.
love where i live!
this photo. is for clark.


ahlin said...

so pretty. so cute.
love the new header too.

Emma Checketts said...

Those pics are awesome!!!! Haha Layton is great isn't he?

clark checketts said...

nice layton. p.s. those are almost all C chords :) thanks for the one dedicated to me!

Rodriguez's said...

Coming from the desert land just need to... say beyond
beautiful! Hard to believe the fall colors will be even more amazing. LUCKY