Sunday, September 26, 2010

destiny and lady gaga.

the magnificent sister checketts flew out here thursday, and has been gracing us with her presence ever since.
and she is so dang fun.
when she got here we went to macado's in lexington (which is so yum bt dub).
the next day we headed to dc for some site seeing.
i was determined to document.

we're super awesome at taking pictures. the camera just loves us.
it was beyond hot. might as well run through water from an unknown source.

these are our "i miss utah" faces. layton looks like he's going to pull a spider man and just crawl up the stone.

national art museum.

chipotle. that burrito was bigger than my face.
layton made sure i had my first gelato experience. orange dark chocolate. mmm.

after the relief society broadcast, sister checketts and i called up layton and told him we were going to the waffle house. he thought it was a joke.
this is not a joke.
me: is the strawberry or banana waffle better?
waitress: i dunno. i don't eat waffles.

layton: can i have apple juice?
waitress: do you want it in a glass or do you want it from the juicebox?
layton: juicebox.
waitress: oh good. i am not in the mood to pry open that box and pour it into a glass.

basically it can be concluded, if you haven't been to the waffle house, you are def missing out on some fun experiences.

also i got to see mine bestie carlee. we did not document. it was two in the morning.
but i was oh so happy to see her.

all in all a super fun trip! tanks for taking me.


Emma Checketts said...

These are so awesome! I wish I could have come with my mom! It sounds like you guys are having a blast!

Emily said...

what does lady gaga have to do with any of this??