Thursday, April 28, 2011


finals are over!
five day break until classes start again.
i'm packin like crazy now.
got to see will.
two years fly by. glad to have my man bestie back.
more to come.


Rodriguez's said...

You did it!! So happy you get a little break. Wish I could be there. See you june! Love Wills T shirt!! Two years did go fast..well not for Diane and the fam.
Love you, Maja

Gina said...

he's attractive and if you met up with him at the iron & wine concert, he has great taste in music.

anything you wanna tell me? :)

ahlin said...

ha. that's funny.
oh will. rockin the scruff.

Arrington's said...

Okay the Gina comment had me so confused for a minute:) Seriously whats with the creep facial hair I'm calling him right now to yell at him.