Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fir rills.

okay i've waited five whole days to post this. 
i am beyond excited.
you know my bestie? carlee. pabo.
well saturday i received a phone call.
(okay like five calls..and twenty texts..i need to take my phone off silent)

car: pabo i need to ask you something.
me: if this is a joke imma pinch you through the phone.
car: pab don't ruin the moment.
me: oh..yes vat is your question.
car: will my...maid of honor..
me: ahhh!!!!
car: ahhh!!!!!
me: duh.
car: oh good.

trevor and carlee

i am loving this.

1 comment:

ahlin said...

cuuute. tell her congrats for me!