Monday, April 4, 2011

it doesn't get old.

every time i get a letter
it feels like christmas..but better.
i got two in a row last week.
but that is not why i'm telling you about this.
i'm telling you because i got a picture.
and thought you'd like to see.
elder hatch, elder kakishita, elder nishijima, elder checketts
the kid next to layt? that's his companion.
i have a feeling this picture sums up his personality.
so blessed to know such an amazing man!
sorry for the poor picture quality.

love to all.


Rodriguez's said...

It is so good to see him again.... Handsome man that he is. Thanks for sharing! Love you, Maja

Em and Olive said...

haha that's so awesome! I've been wanting to know what his companion looks like! haha he is awesome :) loves!